Indigestion at night times for 25 year old female

Indigestion is a problem experienced by most of us. Also referred to as dyspepsia, indigestion is caused by stress, improper eating habits, smoking, , ulcer and improper mastication of food. Eating frequent meals with proper mastication helps. Acidic foods are better avoided. Keep the head in an elevated position. Excessive eight is shed. Peppermints tea relieves indigestion. Supplements for heartburn are followed by a glass of water, as this helps in alleviating the complication. Refined foods are not included in the diet. Placing a hot pack over the left abdomen aids in hastening and enhances liver function. Bananas are natural antacids and thereby relieve heartburn. A few drops of clove oil in a glass of water are worth drinking. Turmeric is used in all the preparations, as they decrease the formation of acids. Chewing a piece of ginger helps by increasing the saliva. A mixture of half a cup of soy oil with three drops of garlic oil is rubbed on the stomach. A concoction of teaspoon each of honey, mint juice and lemon juice is an effective remedy. Equal parts of baking soda and water is mixed in a glass and drunk.

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