I have a swollen point under both feet at the side of the arch. Any ideas what it could be?

Swollen lump under feet

Our feet take our weight during the day and are probably the hardest working part of the body. Most of us even neglect to take proper care of them and never notice them till they begin protesting. You have mentioned that you have swellings but have failed to add if you have any pain, discharge or itching. If you have any of these things it is advisable to consult your doctor about your problem.

Lumps on your feet could be as a result of a variety of reasons. These lumps could be because you have been neglecting your feet. You should ensure that you always wash your feet when you have been wearing shoes for long hours. When you wear shoes and thick socks for long periods of time, your feet sweat. If your shoes are not comfortable, then this only makes the sweating worse. This means your feet cannot breathe and as a result of the sweat, this leaves your feet open to infections of any kind. These lumps could be as a result of some infection. Wash your feet in warm water. Pat them dry. Avoid wearing shoes and socks and instead allow your feet to breath by putting on open sandals. You can try using a towel dipped in hot water on the lumps. Repeated application of heat might flatten them.

answered by G R

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