Peeling skin remedy

Peeling skin can be a sign or symptom of a number of disorders or minor problems with the way you treat your feet. Your question does not make it clear enough whether the peeling skin is accompanied by any other problems or discomforts, so it's rather difficult to guess what the underlying causes are. And without knowing the underlying causes, it's even more difficult to prescribe a course of action.

Athlete's foot is unlikely, since you haven't mentioned any itching or burning, which would have been quite noticeable. It is also unlikely that you've experienced sunburn only on the soles of your feet, so we'll put that one aside too. Blisters are another thing that you probably would not have neglected to mention, so we'll rule that out too. It is possible though that your feet are either too dry or too moist. In extremely cold weather, the skin of your feet can get excessively dry and then start peeling and flaking off. On the other hand, if you wear extremely tight shoes or boots that cause a lot of perspiration on your feet, the skin might again start peeling off. If it's the latter, you should change your footwear. For the former, simply moisturize your feet regularly. You can also try applying fresh mint juice or a mixture of turmeric and sandalwood paste.

answered by G M

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