Causes and treatment for skin peeling in kids

Peeling of the skin in toddlers is a common problem and is generally the result of dry skin conditions that may be brought on by frequent washing or bathing. Babies do not require daily baths, and once they begin to crawl around and get themselves dirty you can also give them a sponge bath occasionally as an alternative. Regular soaps are meant solely for adults as they contain various harsh dyes and chemicals. As your son is only two years old, his skin is very delicate and more susceptible to drying. Make it a point to always use mild non perfumed soaps that are specifically meant for babies. Bubble baths are also best avoided as they contain chemicals that are quite harsh. While giving your son a bath, try to use warm or tepid water instead of hot water, as hot water further dries the skin. In addition avoid long or extended baths and restrict bath time to a maximum of ten minutes.

After a bath, massage your child's hands and feet with a baby oil, lotion or moisturizer. Make sure that the moisturizer you use has no heavy perfumes or dyes as they can further irritate your child's skin. You can also mix equal quantities of coconut oil and almond oil and use this as a natural moisturizer that is free of chemical additives.

Dry skin and peeling of skin may also be caused by environmental conditions. Dryness in the air, during winter or in heated homes, may also strip the skin of moisture. You can add a humidifier or vaporizer in the room where your child spends most of his time as this will help regulate the moisture level in the air, keeping your son's skin well hydrated and moisturized. If the temperature is too cold, instead of turning up your heater clothe your baby appropriately and give him gloves or mittens to wear. Similarly make sure that your child is protected against sunburn in the summer months.

Residue from detergents and fabric softeners that are used when washing clothes can also cause irritation to the delicate skin of a toddler. Make sure that you wash your child's clothes separately and you can use tea tree oil or baking soda instead of laundry detergents.

Peeling of the skin on the palms or feet is also quite common after a strep infection, like scarlet fever as well as some other viral infections. If you have recently treated your son for such an infection the peeling skin is probably related and will soon clear up, but you can consult your doctor to make sure.

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