i've had a cold for about two days and allergies are usually in september, but now my eyes can't stop tearing. it's very red and puffy-ish? what can i do to stop it?

Puffiness can result when the eyes start to swell. This can arise due to various factors. The skin in the eye area is very delicate and sensitive. It is also very thin, with plenty of blood vessels beneath the surface. The eyes may swell due to accumulation of fluid, hormonal fluctuations, allergies, colds or stress. When an excess of blood starts flowing around the eyes, swelling occurs. Excessive tearing also puts a strain on the eyes and can result in puffy eyes. The eye muscles are very delicate, and any increased stress on them can cause them to swell.
Splashing the face with cold water is very helpful in reducing the swelling around the eyes. If there is fluid retention around the eyes, then gently tapping the eyelids will help to ease the fluid accumulation. The puffy parts of the eye must be very lightly tapped so that the fluids start moving away from the eyes. Another well known and effective home remedies for puffy eyes is to place tea bags soaked in cold water on the eyes. You can use chamomile or black tea bags for this. Do this for about fifteen minutes for quick relief from swollen eyes. You can also place cold cucumber slices over the eyes to ease the swelling. This is extremely refreshing for the eyes and helps to rejuvenate the tired eye muscles. You can also chill a couple of spoons in the refrigerator and then place one spoon over each eye. Once they become warm, remove them and replace with two more chilled spoons. You will find a noticeable reduction in swelling.

Vitamin E oil is very nourishing and soothing for the skin and can be used to gently massage the area around the eyes. Another soothing remedy for the eyes is to add some parsley to boiled water, soak a cotton ball in the solution and then apply to the eyes. Do this for about ten minutes to alleviate the puffiness. Potato juice or potato slices may be placed on puffy eyes for relief. Washing the eyes with rose water is also beneficial in reducing the puffiness. You can also make a solution of honey and water and taking a clean cotton cloth, sponge the eye area for a few minutes. Applying egg whites to the eye area is also known to make the skin tighter and alleviate the swelling and puffiness. In addition to these home remedies, you also need to give the eyes adequate rest so that the strain on the eye muscles and tissues is relieved.

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Puffy Eyes Remedies

These are the symptoms of someone who is very low on all B vitamins, especially Panothenic Acid. This amino acid/B vitamin is excellent for stopping allergies and these other types of problems. After taking this amino acid, you should feel relief within 20 minutes and the problem should be completely gone within 5 hours. You should make a habit of taking the B vitamin complex daily with additional panothenic acid to fight your allergies. Your life will no longer be ruled by “allergy season” because you will no longer be effected by your allergies. Taking a combination of Echinacea and Goldenseal will also help boost your immune system, which in turn will help your allergies. If you can find some local honey, take one tablespoon daily. This will help you get use to the pollens in your local area, thus eliminating your allergies to things that are local to you. Taking a supplement of Bee Pollen will also help boost your immune system and eliminate allergies to most things. This is a natural thing that is a result of bees making honey. It is easy to take in capsule for and three capsules a day is all that is needed. It will help your body be more resistant to colds as well, since it is very good for overall health and well being.

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