Natural treatment for abrasion

When a person falls on any hard surface the skin gets rubbed or scraped, this injury is called an abrasion. Abrasions are usually associated with sports injuries. When an athlete falls on the ground a lot of friction is caused between the skin and the ground. This friction makes the skin scrape out the surface layers and causes an injury with minimal blood loss. Although you will not find a lot of blood flowing out of an abrasion it can be very painful as a lot of the nerve endings get exposed due to the scraping. If it is a small abrasion wound then it is nothing to worry about as it will heal in couple of days.

When you get an abrasion the skin forms a layer of collagen in order to avoid infection and blood loss. The collagen acts as a natural abrasion protection. This collagen forms a scar which is gradually removed and replaced with regular skin. In order to speed up this process a popular cosmetic procedure called microderm abrasion or microdermal abrasion is used. This procedure helps stimulate the renewal process and causes the scar to be replaced quickly. Any abrasion should be treated immediately in order to avoid any bigger problems. The first thing you would need to do When healing a skin abrasion is; clean the wound with clean cold water but no soap. Cleaning the wound is an important step when it comes to abrasion protection. If there are any dust particles stuck then use tweezers slowly to remove them. Next use an antibiotic on the wound to avoid any further infection. If the wound is big then bandage it as this will avoid any bacteria from entering the wound. Keep changing the dressing of the wound everyday and get a tetanus shot just in case; as you never know if any dust particles can cause an infection. Finally keep a check on the wound and if it is not healing well then consult your doctor.

A few natural treatments for healing skin abrasions are:

  • Aloe Vera as it will soothe the wound and could be used as an antibacterial and anti inflammatory medication.
  • Calendula heals wounds well as it has antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory qualities and also stops the bleeding and enhances new skin growth.
  • Mix any essential oil with a few drops of thyme tea and water and apply on the wound. Lavender oil also helps in healing wounds quickly.
  • Medicated coconut oil helps in healing by forming a thick layer and stop microorganism from entering the wound.
  • Turmeric powder is also an antiseptic and is very effective for abrasion treatment.

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Natural Treatment for Abrasion

A part of the skin scraped from the body is termed as abrasion. Abrasion is a damage that occurs in the superficial layer. It results in mild bleeding. Physical trauma or injury to an exposed skin is an abrasion, whereas a closed wound is a contusion. Abrasion caused due to textile or carpet is known as carpet burn or rug burn. The hair in the abraded area is removed completely and their growth is undetermined. Minor abrasions heal in a matter of days, whereas abrasions due to accidents cause concern. Margosa paste performs bacteriostatic and fungistatic property. Topical application of medicated coconut oil also helps, as they form a layer and prevent the entry of invading micro organisms. Turmeric powder is an antiseptic and an effective remedy against abrasion. An aqueous juice of garlic is effective in relieving infection and has a cleansing action. Three tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol is mixed with one teaspoon of iodine. This proves beneficial, as an ideal antiseptic wash. Take the guidance of a dermatologist.

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