Looking for a natural remedy for a skin infection on the leg due removing a scab from external abrasion.

  • Massage the affected area with heated Sesame seed oil before taking bath.
  • Take equal amounts of margosa leaves and turmeric and make a paste by adding a little water. Apply this regularly to the infected area.
  • Mix turmeric, mustard seed and lime juice and make their paste. Regular application will cure the infection.
  • Mix one part of tea tree oil and two parts of vitamin E or any other oil. Rub this on the skin as many times as you can.
  • Do not bathe in very hot water. After coming out of the bath, wipe your skin carefully and apply glycerin all over. This will keep the skin smooth.
  • Do not use soap over the infection, just clean it with a soft, moist and warm cotton cloth.
  • You can also apply mustard oil to the infected area and leave it to dry.
  • Do not scrub it or use your nails to remove the dead skin.
  • Apply any antiseptic cream on the infection liberally before going to sleep so that it does not get hurt further.
  • Keep cleaning the area gently with a wet cotton ball.
  • Wear lose cotton clothes.
  • Wash the area with surfer soap everyday to remove the scabies.
  • Keep your linen and clothing clean and dry and change them frequently.

answered by D D

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