What do I do if I got white puss dots on the back of my throat? Is it tonsillitis or strep throat?

Strep throat is an extremely painful and infectious condition, and it causes soreness and hoarseness in your throat. White spots on the back of the throat, on the other hand, are caused due to a condition known as tonsillitis. This is a condition in which the tonsils, located in the back of the throat, get infected and inflamed.

The tonsils are present on both sides of the neck. When they get inflamed, the doctor can feel them from both sides of the neck. The sides are tender and painful, and there are white flecks of pus, or a white coating, in the back of the mouth. It is only in a rare circumstance that strep throat can cause white spots in the back of the throat. However, these white spots are usually accompanied by small red bumps on the roof of the mouth.

White spots or a throat infection can only be treated with the help of medications and proper care. Tonsillitis is cured by a small surgery in which the tonsils are removed through small incisions made inside the throat. Some rest and home care is usually required after this surgery. For an accurate diagnosis, the doctor will have to perform a thorough physical examination.

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I have puss pockets on the back of my throat, how do I cure it?

The pus pockets in the back of the throat are usually a sign of tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is an infectious condition and therefore needs to be remedied as soon as possible. To get instant relief from tonsillitis and to get rid of the puss on the back of throat, gargle with warm water and salt three times a day. This will help relieve the inflammation of the tonsils.

When you are suffering from tonsillitis, it is extremely important to keep your throat well hydrated. To do this, consume lots of water throughout the day so that the throat remains hydrated. This will keep the back of your throat soothed and you will not experience a lot of pain as well.

You can consume homemade soups and freshly squeezed juice to keep yourself hydrated, as these are also rich in nutrients that are essential for the throat's recovery. This could also improve your immunity and keep you safe from any further infections and diseases.

Avoid drinking chilled liquids, alcohol, and caffeine, as these could aggravate your condition. You can also consume lukewarm water with the juice of a single lemon in it several times a day. This may sting a little bit in your throat, but is considered therapeutic and will help you get rid of the inflammation as well as the puss pockets in throat. This fluid will also help clear the white puss in back of throat.

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My daughter has a white spots on her tonsil for over a month now. What could it be?

White colored specks on the back of the throat are pus, which is formed from infection in the small glands known as tonsils. These tonsils are located at either side of the neck. A thorough examination of the throat and the sides of the neck can help the doctor determine the exact nature and the extent of the condition.

While it is the tonsils that are the main site of the infection, the inflammation in the glands could lead to the spread of the infection in other areas of the mouth as well. A lot of the symptoms of tonsillitis mimic those of a strep throat, and it is only at close inspection that the doctor can tell exactly what it is that you are suffering from.

The tonsils are a part of the body’s natural defense system, and these help in preventing the germs from passing into your blood stream and from there, passing through to your body. Though tonsillitis could occur at any age, and to anyone, it is more common in children. The white spots on throat and tonsils can be flushed with regular gargling and drinking lots of fluids. Patches on tonsils can be treated by the removal of the glands from the throat. Since the infection on tonsils can spread very fast, it is best to get these removed as soon as possible.

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Please suggest some home remedies for bacterial tonsillitis, white patches on tonsils?

Tonsils are small lymph nodes located on either sides of the throat. These glands are a part of the immune system and are prone to getting infected. If you can tonsillitis, white spots and patches on the tonsils are some of the tell-tale signs. Some of the common home remedies for tonsillitis are as follows:

  • The easiest thing to do when you have tonsillitis is to keep yourself warm and try to control the inflammation in your tonsils. To ease the pain and the inflammation, install a humidifier in your room.
  • Consume lots of warm liquids to soothe the tonsils. This will also help ease the inflammation and keep your throat from getting uncomfortable. Also, you can gargle thrice a day with warm water and salt, as this can help decrease pain and inflammation.
  • If you have pain and fever accompanying it, you should get yourself a pain killer to relieve the symptoms. If the fever is high, you may need cold compress to soothe it. Consume lots of fluids, such as freshly squeezed juices from carrots, cucumbers and beets. This not only keeps your throat hydrated, but also gives you lots of nutrients.
  • In a severe case of tonsillitis, you can also gargle with a tea brewed with fenugreek seeds. This is a little bitter, but is also great for your throat. Pure boiled milk can also be consumed to bring instant relief to the throat. You can add a little turmeric powder to the boiled milk to prevent the infection from spreading in your mouth.

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  1. White dots can be due to varied infections like tonsil, could be due to steptococcal infections or they may be the classical koplik's spots of diptheria.
  2. Cornybacterium diptheriae is the bacteria causing this spots and toxins in the blood.
  3. Hot water gargle 2 times a day is very beneficial.
  4. Take a homeopathic remedy called Merc cor 30 5 pills once daily at bed time for 5 days, then wait and watch for 15 days.
  5. Take hepar sulph 30, a homeopathic remedy once a day in the morning for 5 days for acute infections.

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