Chronic tonsillitis treatment

The symptoms that you have indicate that you may be suffering from tonsillitis. It is in simple terms the inflammation of the tonsils, which are situated in the throat. These tonsils become red inflamed and are often covered with a gray or white coating. It is generally caused due to a pharyngitis infection or throat infection. It is best that you treat this as soon as possible as an acute case may mean that you would have to undergo surgery to remove the tonsils. These tonsils if they are to be described are clusters of fleshy tissues that rest on both sides of the back of the throat and the area behind the tongue. The main purpose of the tonsils is to trap bacteria and germs that can cause an infection in the throat. They contain infection antibodies and stop the spread of germs further into the body.

The treatment method for a case of tonsillitis depends on the severity of the infection and whether it is caused by a virus or bacteria. Based on this a doctor can prescribe antibiotics or whether the infection can be fought by the body itself. However along with this other medication can also be prescribed to help ease the painful symptoms. Consult your doctor for professional advice on what treatment is needed.

answered by M W

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