Is it true that computer can damage your skin?

Anything when not used in appropriate manner can cause damage, even though it's not meant to cause any. For example if you use computers for long hours without taking a break along with poor posture and inadequate lighting, it can cause severe headaches, or back neck and shoulder problems. Computer related stress is commonly seen in people who tend to increase there work load by neglecting their health totally.

The radiations emitted from the skin are very low in the hi-tech new computers to cause skin damage. However skin discomfort with use of computers can be due to two reasons -

  • Low humidity
  • Static electricity

To combat these problem increase the humidity in the room by using humidifiers or houseplants standing in a plate of water. Secondly decrease the electrostatic charge in the room by choosing the furnishings such as carpets carefully. It is also very important to distribute the work load properly along with a good posture to avoid any kind of health related issues.

answered by S P

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