Hi well I applied crushed garlic on an acne on my face. The crushed garlic burnt my skin. I wanted to know how I can make that scar disappear. Could u advice me on a home made remedy.

Scars often remain long after the wound is gone. Scars on the face, especially can be very embarrassing. However, you should remember that most scars fade in time. If you are unwilling to wait and are impatient to see results right way, you can try some easy home remedies to get rid of these. Lemon juice has been used by people who want to get rid of marks. Its bleaching properties make it an attractive and easy option. Use plain lemon juice on your scar. However, since you have mentioned that you have acne, take care to ensure that this does not cause any pain or discomfort to the acne.

An application of Aloe Vera is generally effective in fading scars. You should apply the gel and leave it on for some time before you wash it away. A combination of milk or milk cream and a small amount of turmeric are also useful. Vitamin E has been used by people who want to get rid of scars. The easiest way is to break open a capsule of Vitamin E and apply this on your scar. Cod liver oil is another favorite when it comes to fading scars. A Chamomile tea bag can be applied to the scar regularly to help it fade. You can either use a tea bag that has been steeped in hot water or else wet a tea bag before putting it on the scar.

answered by G R

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