I have fever blisters. Please give a cure for them.

Fever blisters are also known as cold sores. These are small blisters which are usually red in color. They usually appear at the corners of the mouth or around the lips. However you should first ensure that the boils on your face are really fever blisters before you begin any treatment. Consult a doctor who will be able to help you. Also, if you notice any discharge you should seek a doctor's opinion. Fever blisters are usually noticed after you have had fever, or after menstruation.

You can use ice cubes when you feel any burning or tingling sensation in the cold sores. This will give you relief. The juice of Aloe Vera is also effective in soothing the burning sensation. This juice also helps the sores to go down and prevent them from growing larger. Mix one tablespoon of corn starch with a few drops of water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the cold sores. This will help bring down the blisters and give you relief. You should avoid eating food that is very oily or spicy since this will only aggravate the cold sores. Food items that contain peanuts, chocolate, nuts of all kinds and oatmeal should be avoided during this period. You can eat lots of fresh fruits and drink fruit juices. The best drink of course, is normal water.

answered by G R

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