How can black onion seeds cure diseases?

The onion plant, though rarely considered to possess any medicinal properties, can be very beneficial and when consumed (especially raw) can help to improve the general health of a person. This is because the onion has anti-microbial, cardio-vascular supporting, hypoglycemic, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and asthma-protective properties. It is also commonly used as a folk treatment for asthma, bronchitis and whooping cough. Other uses include treatment of bites, wasp or bee stings, fungal infection of the skin, acne, as well as treatment of appetite loss and indigestion. It is also used to prevent oral infection and teeth decay. Onion seeds, black in color and triangular in shape has a pungent smell and contain a reasonable amount of oil.

Onion seeds if consumed regularly help relieve gas problems, flatulence and strengthen the stomach. If consumed with honey, they can be beneficial in removing stones from the kidney and bladder. The powder of the seeds when consumed with water is excellent for hemorrhoids. Apart from this, it is an excellent remedy for chronic cold, when consumed with a little vinegar. Half tsp onion seeds boiled in water are very beneficial for relieving asthma related problems. If boiled with vinegar and applied to the gums, onion seeds can help to reduce inflammation and infection of the gums and teeth. If consumed on a regular basis, onion seeds can also prove beneficial for treatment of migraine, palpitations, Diabetes and even paralysis.

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