Benefits of papaya seeds

Papaya is a sweet tasting fruit. There are many health benefits of papaya, which is considered one of the richest sources of soluble dietary fiber. The skin of the papaya is discarded and the inside of the fruit is fleshy and orange in color. Rich in vitamin A as well as vitamin B, the papaya is also full of many essential enzymes which help the digestion as well as skin. In many cultures, the pulp of the papaya fruit is mashed and applied on the face to make the skin more moisturized and younger. The seeds of papaya are found inside the fruit, in a cavity which is located right in the center of the fruit. The seeds are round and black but are encased in a gelatinous substance. These seeds are edible, however they are extremely bitter and therefore most people prefer to discard them. The flavor is peppery and therefore bitter. The fruit as well as its seeds, contain an enzyme known as papain. This is an enzyme that helps the body digest proteins. When the fruit is unripe, there are concentrated quantities of the enzyme in the fruit. However, as the fruit ripens, the quantity of the enzyme also decreases.

If you can overcome the bitter taste of the papaya seeds, you will realize that they are actually very good for you. There are several health benefits of papaya seeds. The anti bacterial properties of the seeds are extremely effective against the bacteria which tend to reside in the intestines and harm the body. The antibacterial properties of the seeds protect us against the attacks of salmonella, E coli and staph infections.Papaya seeds also offer protection from the kidney infections. The extract obtained from the papaya seeds can in fact help reduce the levels of toxins in the kidneys, preventing them from kidney failure induced due to toxins. Papaya seeds also eliminate internal parasites. The enzymes in these seeds are enough to kill off these internal parasites which travel through blood to various organs of the body and do a lot of damage. These seeds can in fact improve immunity by killing off these parasites and sparing the immune system the trouble to do it themselves.Another excellent benefit of papaya seeds is that they help in detoxifying liver. A spoonful of these seeds can help clean the liver, removing the toxins. If you suffer from cirrhosis of liver, the doctors usually recommend consuming a spoonful of these seeds to improve the health of the liver.

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