Valley fever remedies

Valley fever, also known as desert fever, is medically known as coccidioidomycosis, and is a disease that is caused by the spores of a certain fungus. In most cases, the disease is quite mild, with symptoms similar to a cold or flu, and does not require any treatment. The disease simply takes its own course, and the body successfully fights the infection within a week or so. In some cases however, symptoms can be even more severe, including complications such as pneumonia, joint pain, ulcers, and heart problems, and the disease can even be fatal.

Since you have not mentioned any such symptoms, your case is hopefully a mild one, but if you experience any of these symptoms, please visit your doctor and begin treatment immediately.

If your infection is mild, with only a cough, mild fever, and a slight rash, no treatment is required, either medical or home remedies. It is however a good idea to get adequate sleep and rest, so that your body can fight the infection effectively. Also make sure that you are eating well and drinking enough water. You should be fine within a week — if you aren't, you should visit a doctor, even if your symptoms continue to be mild.

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