Fever Natural Remedies: My two year old son has a fever of 101.7 I gave him a cool bath and the fever went down. What should I do if it comes back or is there anything I can do now?

Health Advice on Fever

Fever is an increase in the body temperature, occurring as a result of the body's defense against foreign substances. Microbes fail to survive at high body temperatures. When the body temperature is above 102 degree Fahrenheit, it is time to take immediate attention.

Giving a bath alone fails to bring down such high temperatures. Checking out the temperature under the armpit and inside the mouth is common. Rectal temperature and eardrum temperature are the other alternatives. Symptoms, such as urinary infection, pneumonia and meningitis require immediate medical attention. Antibiotic course is recommended, which has to be completed. Failure of completion results in incomplete cure or recurrence. Drugs for children are given after referring to your pediatrician.

Adequate amount of boiled and cooled water is recommended. Rest is essential. A liquid diet or soft bland diet proves beneficial. Giving a complete bath is better to be avoided. Sponging the child is better.

Place a wet muslin cloth on the forehead. Body temperature greater than 106 degree Fahrenheit is not generally seen. Seizures are a common accompaniment in case of high temperatures.

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