How do you do a lemon juice olive oil kidney flush

Among a wide group of people who have tried this method, many swear that it has brought them success and have been advocating this method to all and sundry. Lemon juice in itself is known to dissolve the kidney stones present in an individual. Those who believe in this theory blend two ounces of virgin oil with an equal measure of lemon juice which they drink bottoms up. The discomfort brought on by the kidney stones usually disappears in an hour as the therapy begins to take effect. And most people also claim that the stones also get dissolved within 14 - 18 hours after that.

The lemon juice-olive oil method must be ideally done for three days consecutively or until you notice the stones pass through. Some people need more than three days to get done with, while others notice results the next morning. The therapy is best done just before bedtime at night, in order to give the long duration of time for the effect to take place. To have this mixture take three ounces of extra virgin olive oil and an equal measure freshly squeezed lemon juice in a glass. You will have to see that the mix is blended well as you stir it with the spoon. Drink it up at one go. During the day drink more than 10 glasses of water on the days you continue with this method.

answered by K C

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