What home remedy is used to flush out your kidney?

Your question is somewhat odd. I assume there was either a typographical error or the question was truncated somehow. It seems what you really meant was what home remedy is used to flush out your kidney stones.

Kidney stones are hard rock-like deposits that are formed in the kidney when the chemicals present in urine become concentrated and start crystallizing. Most kidney stones are calcium oxalate, which is formed by the combination of calcium and oxalic acid. The remaining kidney stones are mostly formed by uric acid and ammonia crystals. Kidney stones may not cause immediate symptoms and very often lie undetected for a long time. Until a kidney stone reaches the ureter and obstructs the flow of urine, you may not experience any trouble. The common symptoms (when the kidney stones start obstructing the ureter) are severe fluctuating pain in the abdomen, frequent urge to urinate, pain on urination, fever, chills, nausea and vomiting. Occasionally, the urine may be foul smelling, or there may be traces of blood in the urine. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact cause of kidney stone formation, but there are several factors that may increase the chances of kidney stones. Lack of proper amount of fluid intake is a common reason for kidney stones. A faulty diet is equally responsible for increasing the chances of kidney stones. Obesity, inactive lifestyle, and high blood pressure are some other risk factors affecting the chances of developing kidney stones.

The most common method used to flush out kidney stones is to increase your daily fluid intake. Drink a sufficient amount of water so that the urine appears clear and colorless. Your urine will appear straw-colored if your fluid intake is not sufficient. Ideally, drinking around three liters of water should be sufficient, although it may vary considerably from person to person. Besides the increased water intake you should also consume fruits that have high water content (like watermelon). Apples and grapes are also useful for flushing out kidney stones. Another effective remedy for treating kidney stones is kidney beans. Take the pods of kidney beans (remove the beans from inside the pods), chop the pods finely, and then boil them in water. Strain this water, let it cool down, and drink this liquid regularly throughout the day.

Besides the home treatments, you should also take some precautions with your diet. Cut down on dairy foods, salt, calcium rich foods, and dark green vegetables (which contain oxalic acid).

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