Treatment For Vaginal Dryness, Itching & Irritation: Vaginal itchiness and irritation remedy. I do not have a yeast infection it?s just irritated and itching. It?s mostly around the lips of the vagina?

If you are certain that it is not a case of yeast infection then the itching may be caused due to vaginal dryness. This dryness can be due to various reasons, and the best thing to do is to let a doctor diagnose the problem. In this way you will also be able to get a confirmation that there is no yeast infection.

The vagina is a complex organ, because it is has a small ecosystem of its own. The vaginal walls serve as a living place for the lactobacilli - the resident bacteria. These are harmless, in fact good and healthy bacteria that normally exist in the vagina. Like the lactobacilli, there are other micro organisms as well that live along side them on the vaginal walls as well, such as certain good fungi. Therefore when this balance is upset due to a variety of reasons, the general symptoms can include itching and redness of the vaginal area. Normally this is caused by menstrual and hormonal changes, or sometimes as a result of douching. Vaginal dryness or irritation could also be caused due to the repeated contact with an external irritant like harsh soaps or fabric detergent etc.

You can treat this irritation by first identifying what is causing it. Therefore try to figure out whether it is an allergic reaction or due an internal imbalance. Make sure to keep your genital area clean at any point of time, and as far as possible avoid undergarments made of synthetic materials. Avoid the process of douching as it tends to upset your pH levels and creates irritation besides increasing the risk of various infections. Be sure to clean your genital area properly after using the toilet. Finally, as mentioned before, consult your doctor for further information on the probable causes and treatment.

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