Is gastritis and hyperacidity different?

Dietary Advice for Gastritis and Hyperacidity

Gastritis and hyperacidity are not so much different as they are a progression of the same kind of stomach ailment. The stomach contains a number of gastric juices that help you digest your food. When the quantity of hydrochloric acid increases in the stomach, the condition is known as hyperacidity. The other main causes of hyperacidity are bad dietary habits, irregular lifestyle, and stress. The most common symptoms are stomach pains, nausea, and heartburn. To control this condition, you should first avoid eating fatty and fried food. You should also control your alcohol intake and quit smoking. It is also recommended that you learn to relax and avoid taking on stress.

When your hyperacidity worsens, it can lead to both gastritis and ulcers. The inflammation of the gastric mucosa is known as gastritis. The most common symptoms of gastritis are a loss of appetite, headaches, dizziness and vomiting. To ease your discomfort, you can drink a glass of coconut water because not only is it light on the stomach, it provides the system with needed minerals. Being on a rice gruel diet will also give your stomach a much needed break. You should also try going on an all fruit diet once your initial symptoms have reduced. In addition, you can try using a cold or hot compress to relieve any symptoms of stomach pain.

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