Is drinking cold milk a remedy for hyperacidity?

There are a number of gastric secretions in the stomach that aid in digestion, including hydrochloric acid. When the content of hydrochloric acid is increased in the stomach, it results in hyperacidity. This condition is mainly caused by bad food habits, irregular habits, unsuitable medication, and stress-related problems. You should address any hyperacidity problems that you may have at once because this condition can lead to much more serious ones such as different kinds of ulcers and gastritis. Drinking cold milk is an easy and familiar home remedy to control hyperacidity. You can also eat two bananas while you are drinking the milk to soothe your stomach further.

Other remedies for hyperacidity are a well balanced diet that includes raw vegetables and fruits. You should avoid eating foods that are too spicy and high in fatty content. Avoid red meat and ensure that you consume enough fiber because this will help you digest food better and more easily. It is also recommended that you avoid drinking too much coffee and stop smoking. Not consuming foods that are already high in acidity such as yoghurt, pickle, and vinegar is also recommended. Mixing the juice of an orange into roasted cumin seeds with some rock salt is also one home remedy. If you have a chronic hyperacidity, try sticking to a milk diet. You can also drink fresh mint juice after meals.

answered by M W

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