How to reduce the negative number of my eyes? Even the shape of my eyeballs of both my eyes is different. How to correct it?

Myopia also known as nearsightedness is a condition of the eyes, wherein the individual is able to see objects that are up close, but faces a problem when they are at a distance. This condition is caused due to an irregularly shaped eye. In myopic individuals, the light that enters the eye does not focus directly on the retina as it is ideally supposed to, but rather focuses on a point in front of it. This is primarily caused due to the shape of the cornea, which is steeper or in other words, an eye which is longer as compared to a normal eye. This condition generally tends to get progressively worse during adolescence but then moves on to stabilize in early adulthood. Myopia is typically an inherited condition and unfortunately there no way of reducing the number naturally, when faced with this condition.

However, the number can be maintained and prevented from progressing any further, through proper care and by using the right kind of glasses, contact lenses or eye drops that your doctor can prescribe for you. Here are a few tips that can help in maintaining the number of your eyes. Do not watch television, work on a computer or read for extensive periods of time at a stretch as this could affect your vision. Always remember to take short frequent breaks while doing the aforementioned activities. Focus the eyes on a relaxing or soothing object such as a picture or trees and greenery in the surrounding area. This will help in taking strain off the eyes by letting them focus on things that are located further away. Never sit to close to a television set or hold a book either too close or to far away from the eyes. Ensure there is enough light available in your work area and at home.

There are a number of eye exercises which are considered to be helpful, some of which are; changing one’s focus continuously by alternating it between far and near objects, rolling one’s eyes up and down, side to side and finally all around, blinking, placing cupped palms on the eyes for a couple of minutes. Increasing the consumption of Vitamin A and C is also considered to be good for the eyes. All these small steps will help in reducing the strain on your eyes. Furthermore, you stated the shape of both your eyeballs was different; you could consult an ophthalmologist to discuss the possibility of prosthetic pupils to fix this condition

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Vision correction is available in various forms - both natural and artificial. The artificial ones involve laser corrective surgery and must be undertaken only after consulting with your eye-specialist. More and more people are using this treatment and up to 90% of them report that they are pleased with the results. However, if you are unfortunate enough to belong to the dissatisfied 10%, remember that the side effects can be problematic too.

Natural methods involve exercise of the eye. Looking into the distance, staring at greenery, not focusing the eye on anything close by, and always keeping them relaxed - these are natural procedures to de-stress the eyes and give them a break. This alone however will not reduce your power.

A combination of the two is orthokeratology. This procedure can only be taken with help from your doctor. It involves wearing a special type of lens everyday to bring the eye back to a shape that allows perfect vision again.
Finally remember that a good diet goes a long way to control eye problems too. Get a lot of fluids and colourful fruits and vegetables. Wear glasses that have a block against harsh ultraviolet light. And keep visiting your doctor for check-ups as often as possible. A check-up a month should keep your eye power constant, if not on the decline.

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