by Sharon Hopkins

Eyes are highly important to us. These are the windows which show us the world and enable us to enjoy it more than other vital organs do. Therefore, any damage to the eye should be treated in time and with great care.

Retinoblastoma is a condition diagnosed in children. Retinoblastoma, is a malignant tumor of the retina, retinoblastoma is formation of round cell around this part of the eye. This can spread through all the parts of the eye and can damage the eye beyond repair. Retinoblastoma can be very large at times, when this is the case, this tumor tends to break into parts and remains suspended through the viscous fluid in the eye called the vitreous, such small suspended tumor is known as vitreous seeds. When the tumor gets divided into seeds, it becomes very difficult to treat it.

There can be cases when children are born with retinoblastoma tumors; however, such cases often go undetected. Following are the symptoms of retinoblastoma, poor vision, pain in the eyes/eye, cat’s eye, or white yellow tumor mass, which becomes visible through a photograph of the child.

Most of the times retinoblastoma can be treated successfully and vision can be restored. In cases where the retinoblastoma is at an advanced stage, there are chances that in 95% cases the vision can be restored at least up to certain extent.

Eye cancer is rare for eyes. It happens to several parts of the eye. Eye cancer might affect eyelids, which has skin, muscles, etc. Eye cancer inside eyeballs is called intraocular cancer. Melanoma and lymphoma are most common eye cancers in adults, whereas retinoblastoma is most common among children.

There are several ways how this cancer can be cured. However, the intensity of treatment and the number of treatments the patient might require to undergo depends on the condition of the eye cancer. In case, the cancer is in the first stage, a single treatment or a small surgery can be of help. Otherwise there are quite some numbers of treatments available which should be done either singly or in combination with other treatments. These include surgery, radiation therapy, surgery, heat therapy and freezing.

Treatment for eye cancer is delicate; there is no guarantee of restoration of eye sight even after surgery. In case of children with retinoblastoma, diagnosis and extent of spread of the cancer should be studied; this requires children to be under anesthesia, so that they can be examined thoroughly.

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