What can I do about my bad breath?

Bad breath is known as halitosis. It is more of a social disease because the person suffering from it rarely knows he or she has it and others interacting with that person bear the brunt of it. It often causes embarrassment to the sufferer and therefore methods on how to treat bad breath are very popular. One should be aware of the fact that bad breath is not a life-threatening disease. You can fight bad breath by using home remedies and cures for bad breath that could be found in your home.

There are different home remedies to get rid of bad breath in adults and in children. These home remedies help to get rid of bad breath quite quickly. Simple hygiene helps get rid of bad breath in the morning. Cleaning your mouth before you sleep is very important as it makes a big difference to your breath in the morning. The main ways of getting rid of bad breath using home remedies is by improving your habits and also eating food that will be good for your breath.

Brush and floss your teeth regularly. Remember to also vigorously scrape your tongue as the tongue is home to many bacteria and can be a home ground for infections. Rinse you mouth regularly after every meal. Visit a dentist and get regular checkups. Avoid smoking and drinking as it can promote bacteria in the mouth. Drink more water as it will not only clean the mouth but also aid saliva production, which will help get rid of bad breath. You can also chew on breath mints that will improve your breath; however it tends to be a temporary cure for bad breath. Drinking green tea is known to help especially if you sip it through the day. If you choose gum or mints, remember that it is better if they are sugar free. It would help even more if they contain xylitol, which is a natural sweetener and buffers against acidity. If you have spicy food and get bad breath you can get rid of it by chewing on a slice of lime or drinking some lime-based drink. Bad breath is not a good reason to avoid wonder foods like garlic and onion as they have some great benefits. Chewing on fresh parsley is a great deterrent for bad breath. Check if you have a lactose allergy then u must avoid dairy as that can cause constant bad breath. Chewing on anise and fennel seeds is also very beneficial to get rid of bad breath. You should also eat a lot of fiber rich foods, especially ones that increase the chewing action. The action of chewing is beneficial to getting rid of bad breath as it cleans all crevices and cavities and increases the production of salvia.

You can also prevent bad breath by fighting bad breath with simple methods. You have to know what is causing the bad breath before you decide on which remedy to use to fight it away. Bad breath is largely caused by bacteria that has collected in the mouth. Along with bacteria, other factors like leftover food in cavities, gum disease and tooth decay increase bad breath. Bad breath can often be caused by foods such as onion and garlic but this is temporary unlike bacteria causing bad breath. It is important that you brush your teeth and clean your tongur thoroughly before going to sleep. If it is possible to brush your teeth after every meal, it would help to a great extent in keeping bad breath at bay. Also change your toothbrush after every six months. Take care not to use mouthwash that has expired. These are some of the ways to treat and get rid of bad breath naturally.

Sometimes though you are taking proper care of your mouth with adequate oral hygiene, the bad breath persists despite the measures taken for bad breath. If so, you should consider visiting a doctor or a specialist. Sometimes a low carbohydrate diet (and high protein diet) can also lead to excess production of bad breath.

answered by A S

Advice on fighting bad breath-

  • Please keep the bowels clean .Avoid even a bit of constipation.
  • Take good care of oral hygiene by proper brushing of teeth at least twice a day and immediately after food, cleaning the tongue and gargling with salt water every alternate night.
  • Boil 15 mint leaves in 4 cups of water, reduced to 1 cup and this water can be used for a gargle and as mouth freshener.

answered by D M K

Brush your tongue as well as your teeth. I brush the entire inside of my mouth with a breath freshening toothpaste. Use mouthwash frequently and floss your teeth. It is amazing how smelly that area can get.

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