Cardamom Herb for Lifestyle Diseases

by Sharon Hopkins

With fast paced industrialization the incidences of different lifestyle diseases have also increased to a large extent. While one may question what lifestyle diseases are; here are some examples of the same - depression, obesity arthritis and so on. These conditions can cause a lot of harm but can also be managed naturally using the cardamom herb. Cardamom is a flavorful and aromatic spice that is used as a key ingredient in many dishes and is also known for its health benefits. This spice is found in abundance in India and Sri Lanka and belongs to the same family as ginger and cloves.

Cardamom for Bad Breath

Cardamom for bad breath is known to be very effective as it tends to neutralize the dental bacteria responsible for bad breath. In such cases you could either have the cardamom in the form of a tea or even simply chew on a few seeds of cardamom to get rid of bad breath. Research has also shown that cardamom for depression is also an effective natural treatment whose effectiveness may be attributed to the wonderful aroma and flavor of cardamom. Cardamom medicinal uses include it being used to stimulate the digestive system, and increase one's appetite.

Cardamom also helps in counteracting stomach acid when produced in excess which would have otherwise resulted in indigestion and flatulence. Cardamom essential oil is also used to reduce the excessive production of gastric juices and stimulate the production of bile. Another one of the cardamom health benefits is that it helps in improving the lung circulation by soothing the membranes. Thus cardamom is used in home remedies for bronchitis, cough and colds. The effectiveness of cardamom in such medical conditions is also on account of its expectorant properties which minimizes the production of mucus. One of the cardamom medicinal uses is because of its anti-inflammatory properties which help against swollen joints, inflamed nerves and sore back muscles. Cardamom essential oil massages help in stimulating the mind and also for enhancing mood.

Weight Loss

Cardamom is also used for weight loss as it acts as a digestive aid and also has antispasmodic properties which help in promoting good metabolism. On account of it detoxifying properties cardamom is used as an herbal treatment for urinary tract disorder, bladder disorders and also disorders of the kidney. Cardamom is also used in the treatment of medical conditions such as cystitis and nephritis. Cardamom also has the ability to inhibit the development and growth of fungi, viruses and bacteria. Hence cardamom is often given to those individuals whose immune system is weak and who have little resistance to infections and diseases.

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