Something for a severe canker sore that's in the crease of the mouth between cheek and gums

Alternative remedy for canker sore

Canker sores are a fairly common problem, but one that affects only some people. These can be cause by anything as silly as eating pizza when it is so hot that the cheese melts the inside of you mouth, to simply sucking on very hard boiled sweets. These sores make it difficult to eat, drink or even talk. Although sores generally are cured in a couple of days, some people notice sores that last for weeks. If your sore has been troubling you for some time now, then you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. You can make a simple mouth wash at home by adding one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water and using this to gargle. You should stay away from tea, coffee and not eat chocolates or other things that irritate the inside of your mouth. Eat food that is not spicy or hard since this will only aggravate the sore. Eat plenty of yogurt every day.

If you have rough or serrated edges to your teeth, visit your dentist at once. These can cause trauma to the inner skin of your mouth since they chafe again and again. Avoid being stressed by your work or other related issues. Try to learn some relaxation techniques to help you relax.

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