July 1, 2010

Fish Oil Dosage for Depression and Anxiety

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The term depression is used loosely by people around the world. In common conversation one might mention depression as an altered state of mood that is caused by some sort of event that has saddened an individual such as a death in the family or some sort of failure encountered in life. In medical terms, depression is used for a condition known as a major depressive disorder which causes extreme phases of low mood which cannot be corrected through conventional methods of ‘cheering up’. A person suffering from clinical depression is likely to be in a ‘down’ phase for an extended period of time without any sign that the mood is likely to improve. Such depressed people often harm themselves or are involved in suicide attempts because of the extreme depression that they are suffering from. A clinically depressed person is usually unable to see the bright side of things and tends to focus on the aspects that sadden him or her. Normal forms of pleasure that include the company of others are usually avoided by depressed people. Finally, depressed people are likely to lack self esteem and usually feel disappointed in themselves.

Recent research has suggested that there may be a natural option for people who are undergoing depression. While most medication may not cure the condition, the extreme low moods could be avoided through medication. Fish oil and particularly omega 3 acids have been recommended for depression. Fish oil is a naturally occurring substance that should have no side effects associated with it. This makes it a terrific substitute for normal medication. However, one should always consult a doctor before electing for fish oil pills depression treatment. The research has focused on the lack of omega 3 fatty acids in patients with depression. This is the chemical or biological angle of depression. There are psychological issues as well that are responsible for depression, but there are usually coupled with physical issues.

The fish oil dosage for depression usually depends on the quantity or percentage of that fish oil that is made up by omega 3 fatty acids. Some people suggest that fish oil goes even further and can be used for depression related anxiety. Fish oil for anxiety will be used in the same way as fish oil for depression. For dosage details it is best to speak with a professional doctor. In all likelihood, the dosage will be adjusted through the course of the treatment in order to get the exact balance that suits a patient.