Symptoms of Uterine Cancer

There are certain warning signs and symptoms of uterine cancer that women need to be aware of and should report to their doctors immediately if observed.

  • One of the most commonly observed signs of uterine cancer are vaginal bleeding which may be initially observed as a watery flow that is blood streaked and then in a few days time the proportion of blood may increase.
  • Another symptom of uterine cancer is experiencing difficulty of pain while urinating.
  • Symptoms of uterine cancer also include pain in the pelvic region or the area that is just below the navel. This pain may be experienced during intercourse or on account of certain movements.
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances such as diarrhea, nausea, constipation, indigestion, feeling of fullness etc are also known to be signs of uterine cancer along with a change in bowel movements in some cases.
  • Some women have also reported changes in their vagina or vulva which has later been diagnosed as being on account of uterine cancer. These changes could be in the form of changes in color in the related area, sores, lumps, thickening, bumps etc. Hence women are always advised to conduct physical examinations on themselves and become familiar with how their vulva and vagina looks in normal circumstances.
  • Signs and symptoms of uterine cancer also include lower back pain which could also act as an indicator to ovarian cancer or any abnormality in the uterus or the ovaries.

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