Treatment for Strep Throat

Antibiotics are used for strep throat because they help to kill the bacteria that cause the infection in the first place. They also hasten the healing process and reduce the risk of contagion.  Antibiotics are also recommended for strep throat treatment as they help to prevent complications that might occur if strep throat is not treated properly. They prevent the infection from causing the person’s immune system to attack itself. Antibiotics also help to deal with the symptoms of strep throat such as discomfort, and speed up the healing process as well. Now that we know why antibiotics are used for the treatment of strep throat, let us look at some of the ones that are commonly prescribed to treat this condition. Antibiotics used for strep throat include penicillin, amoxicillin, cephalosporins and erythromycin. The dosage of such antibiotics used for strep throat depends on the person's age and weight. Do not attempt to self medicate with the above mentioned antibiotics. Always seek your doctor’s advice before using any home treatment.

Curing a strep throat without antibiotics is not really possible. As mentioned, antibiotics help to kill the bacteria that cause the strep throat. There are many home remedies one can opt for, but these should be only be used in addition to the antibiotics that have been prescribed by your doctor. Home remedies may not be able to cure a strep throat infection effectively. The symptoms may disappear, but the infection will linger on, and could return with a vengeance.

Frequently asked questions
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