Shin Splints

Individuals who indulge in active exercise, intense strength training at the gymnasium, or exhaustive sports workouts can experience a condition known as shin splints. The condition is characterized by pain in the anterior or posterior sides of the lower limbs. It occurs near or along the longest bone in our body, the tibia or the shinbone. Commencing with a dull ache, the pain can linger on and increase in intensity, depending on the severity of the injury. Sports persons and aggressive walkers often face this situation based on the rigorous work out regime that they follow.

Shin splints can recur in an individual; hence, it is required to understand the body's framework and accordingly plan out exercise schedules. A bout of shin splints often goes away when followed by an interval of adequate rest. Medical intervention needs to be sought if the pain persists, even after allowing the body to rest and heal on its own.

Shin splints fall under the category of injuries that result from excessive use or strain on the joints and tissues of the lower limbs.

Alternative Names: Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS)