Living with Scleroderma

Living with scleroderma can be difficult because while not contagious, it can cause many to suffer from self esteem issues due to the way it can look. This can be remedied with self help groups and communities that can help you or the patient deal with it. Denial, anger and frustration are very common with chronic conditions. You can even seek behavioral counseling with your family in order to be able to cope with this condition better.

Since the condition never goes away, even if you have the localized scleroderma. You need to accept your condition and make appropriate changes to your lifestyle to prevent recurrence of fresh symptoms.

  • Stay active. Exercises under supervision.
  • Protect yourself from extreme elements. An excess heat or cold is bad for you.
  • Make appropriate changes like changing handles and surfaces if you are not able to grab properly due to hardened skin.
  • Avoid or quit smoking. Smoking can affect your blood vessels permanently so seek help if you need to because smoking can really make scleroderma quite unbearable.
  • Pace yourself and stay connected with your family and friends.
  • Continue working on your hobbies as much as you can.

Frequently asked questions
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