Symptoms of Sciatica

The signs and symptoms of sciatica are usually very simple to ascertain. Most of the times, due to the characteristic of the pain, the doctors find it very easy to diagnose the problem and begin treatment. Sciatic pain is very characteristic and shoots from the lower back to the buttocks and down the leg. Here are some of the characteristic symptoms of the condition:

  • Sciatic pain is usually worse when you sit or stand for long periods of time. Since the pain radiates from the lower back to the buttock, leg and the foot, it can cause a lot of discomfort especially when you are sitting on your haunches, or in a low position and suddenly get up. Some people may also experience a lot of pain when they get up from the toilet.
  • Sudden jerks and movements such as coughing laughing and sneezing are some of the causes of flare-ups of sciatic pain. Some people may also experience worsening pain due to hard bowel movements. For most people, bending forwards or even slightly backwards can result in flare-ups of the pain.
  • Along with the pain in the sides, lower back and the lower abdomen, you may also experience weakness in the leg and the foot. It may make it difficult to walk and sometimes the pain is so bad that you cannot even move your foot.
  • Diagnosis of Sciatica