Sciatica Relief During Pregnancy

You may also want to discuss sciatica relief during pregnancy with the doctor. During pregnancy, it is not recommended for you to consume over the counter medications. You can also include massage therapy into your routine as it can help you get relief from the pain. Regular surface massage can help you get much needed relaxation as it reduces the pinching and compression of the nerves. It also alleviates pain and helps you relax.

Apart from these, you will also have to mind your posture and ensure that you do not lift anything heavy. Another important thing is to bend from your knees when you want to pick up anything from the floor or a lower level. Also ensure that you have your medications handy so that you can use them as and when required.

Maintain the therapy as directed by your doctor and visit your doctor regularly. Avoid missing appointments and use your medications as prescribed by the doctor. Have a healthier lifestyle and quit alcohol as well as smoking.