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suggested by meghan on Friday, June 13, 2008

My daughter had head lice really bad and I mean bad.. Her hair is thick and heavy. I have tried every thing on her finally I looked head lice up and got Listerine antiseptic mouth wash put it on my daughter's hair and left it over night then rinse in cold water. For the lice eggs I use white vinegar. It works well.

head lice treatment
suggested by Cecelia on Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My family and I were prone to them. I've tried everything from mayonnaise, to store treatments, to gasoline or kerosene. The combs didn't pull anything out and the mayo just made our hair oily. But the only thing that seemed to work every time was wintergreen alcohol. We chose the wintergreen kind because it smelled the best. Just place a warm wet rag over the mouth and nose so you won't have difficulty breathing from the fumes. Explain to the kids about the whole process. Works. Pour on the hair, a spray bottle works too, rub it in getting to the scalp, pull it back with a clip and put on a shower cap for about two hours. While doing that wash all clothes and bedding in hot water. The heat kills them. Wash out hair with T-gel following instructions on bottle because it could dry out the scalp. Pick out the nits because they still stick to the hair whether they are dead or not.

mayo it up!
suggested by [unspecified] on Sunday, March 9, 2008

I had head lice as a child in the worst of ways. After every over the counter and prescriptions you can buy nothing worked, so we turned to the fridge. Take 1 inch section of hair and smoothen with mayonnaise. You want the mayonnaise so thick that it leaves the hair looking a little white. Wrap in saran wrap and a shower cap and leave it over night. You should use a whole jar of mayonnaise. Rinse the next morning, the lice will be gone, not mention it’s an excellence conditioner!

Head Lice that won't die
suggested by Serene on Monday, January 14, 2008

I had a horrible case of head lice when I was younger. I used a doctor prescribed head lice treatment twice! And the lice where still thriving. After getting blisters on my head and losing a small amount of hair on my hairline (which never quite grew back!) I was very frustrated. What finally got rid of the pests was dousing my hair in Vaseline than cover it in saran wrap. I wore this for two days and miraculously the lice where gone.