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Treatment of cold sores
suggested by Robert on Thursday, January 15, 2009

Soak some cotton wool in white vinegar and apply to infected area 4 times daily.

Cold sores natural treatment
suggested by Eddie on Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have suffered with occasional cold sores most of my life (55yrs).Over the years I have tried several remedies, ie: aloe vera, nail polish remover, lip balms, Carmex, Mentholatum, Anbesol, and many other things. The latest attempts have been the most successful for me. Oil of Oregano has worked well but it does sting some. The last and best "cure" for me has been a silver bearing gel, more specifically mAGnum Power Gel, available at most health food stores. Just yesterday I felt the onset of a sore and applied a small dab to the sore a couple of times and it was gone today. I find most remedies work well the first couple of times and then seem to lose their effectiveness over time. The silver gel has been the best performer to date. It also works quite nicely on canker sores, put a dab on a cotton swab and apply to the sore and keep it on the sore for a short time.

Various strategies
suggested by Benn on Monday, June 9, 2008

I have suffered from cold sores on lips, inside nose and in and around the right eye (totally horrible). After much research and a detailed blood analysis from a qualified naturopath, I found I had low zinc and iron levels, both heavily implicated in the root cause for the HSV-1 virus to "flare up". In conjunction with this, the majority of people consume significant quantities of products containing white flour (ie, most breads, cakes, muffins etc.) which contain high levels of gluten. Gluten has been scientifically proven to lower a large proportion of humans' immune systems (some more than others). As a result I COMPLETELY eliminated white flour and pasta products and substituted them with spelt, rye or kamut breads, flours, pastas etc. Not only are these products enormously higher in nutritional value, they are a hundred times tastier. I instantly felt a difference in overall energy levels as these products are more easily digested and have far lower GI ratings. This will have a significant impact on your immune system. In conjunction with this, if you are low in zinc or iron levels (only a qualified naturopath or GP can diagnose this) as I was, taking supplemental iron and zinc in picolinate forms (highly absorbable for people with lower immune systems) will assist greatly. Other advice is to completely eliminate alcohol, and sleep well every night, not most, all. Further, as everyone knows but does not adhere to, only eat products made from the above mentioned ingredients, lots of salads, vegetables and fruits and I guarantee if you abide by all my advice (as I do), you WILL NOT get cold sores ever, unless there is an underlying issue (such as severe health conditions OR people who have anger management issues). A normal everyday person WILL benefit as I have, the food you eat is crucial. There is no miracle lip balm that will stop the virus from sprouting out. They MAY temporarily inhibit a cold sore forming, but as soon as you forget to smear it on or get too run down, it wont help, but my approach will strengthen your immune system and actually make you feel alive again. In saying that, there is a lip balm I recently came across which has the best ingredients related to the HSV-1 virus, its called COLD SORE SALVE, it's made in South Australia and has the following ingredients; raw beeswax, organic coconut oil, grapes seed oil, organic lemon balm extract, organic saint john's wort extract, essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon, margosa, turpentine bush & organic tea tree, cold pressed apricot & sweet almond oils, water, ethanol, organic astragalus extract, organic echinacea purpurea extract, witch hazel extract, myrrh, benzoin & labdanum extracts, cats claw & shiitake mushroom extracts, organic elderberry extract, menthol, white camphor, salicylic acid AND l-lysine. This balm WILL work and soothes your lips. If you are serious about not getting outbreaks which seem to arrive at the most inconvenient time, adhere to my advice, I am a changed man for doing so. Good luck!