Prognosis of Pneumothorax

The prognosis of pneumothorax is not good if you continue to smoke. Complications add up if you have already suffered from a collapsed lung in the past, as you are more likely to suffer from the same in the future. The recurrence rates for primary and secondary thorax is nearly 40% with most recurring attacks happening within a period of one to two years.

The prognosis also depends on the type of the condition and the severity of the symptoms. For example, if you suffer from a mild version of a spontaneous thorax, the condition tends to resolve on its own without the need for any extensive medical intervention. In the case of a secondary or complicated pneumothorax where the cause of the condition is another underlying disease or illness, the mortality rates are higher. If the underlying disease is not treated, the condition can even prove fatal.

In cases of severe pneumothorax, complications could include cardiac failure, shock, respiratory failure, and low blood oxygen levels or hypoxemia.