Home Remedies for Pleural Effusion

There are no natural remedies for pleural effusion. However, with the help of clinical trials, it has been determined that home care and home treatment is possible. A new soft catheter known as pleurx can be purchased and installed in the chest. This chest tube, though invasive, is a simple way to manage malignant pleural effusions. It is installed in a clinical setting and the patient is usually kept under observation in a hospital for about 1.5 days, after which they are given instructions on using the catheter and sent home. This catheter can be easily managed at home and reduces the need for using home remedies for pleural effusion. This instrument can help improve the quality of life and reduce the number of days spent in the hospital. It can also greatly reduce the recurrence rates for pleural effusion. For many patients, the use of these catheters can decrease morbidity rates and increase life expectancy slightly.

The catheter itself is very soft, elastic and supple. It contains a one way valve for safety so that the effusions do not flow right back in. in addition the catheter also contains a polyester cuff that helps in the long term placement of the catheter. The catheter is placed in the thoracic cavity using a small incision, under local anesthesia. With the help of the catheter, it becomes easier to drain the fluid every day. The fluid is collected in a pre-evacuated bottle. When the drainage no longer occurs, the catheter can be removed safely.

Doctors usually do not recommend any special diet for pleural effusion. In case there are any special dietary requirements associated with the underlying disease that causes the effusion, the doctor will recommend a diet to follow.

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