Diet for Pancreatic Cancer

Even if you are getting treatment for pancreatic cancer, it is important for you to maintain a proper diet for pancreatic cancer. The pancreas is an important part of the digestive system because it produces several digestive enzymes. It also produces insulin which is important to metabolize glucose. The tumors on the pancreas may also press on the stomach and the bile duct, therefore affecting overall digestion.

You may have digestive problems such as diarrhea. Even before the surgery, you may have to consume foods which do not raise your glucose levels too much. Therefore select foods which have a low glycemic index. There are no home remedies for pancreatic cancer, but the diet can help you keep the glucose levels in control. You may also have to take insulin as well as enzyme supplements.

It is best to consume a diet low in fats and proteins. You should also consume a larger number of smaller meals distributed throughout the day. This can also help you regulate the blood glucose. Avoid very high fiber foods and consume a lot of liquids. Also avoid consuming processed and refined foods. 
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