Symptoms of Impetigo

The signs and symptoms of impetigo will depend on the type of Impetigo. These generally include:

  • An impetigo rash begins to develop four to ten days after the infection
  • The rash begins in one place but spreads all over if the person scratches and infects it further
  • The rash has sharp margins and are distinctive in appearance
  • A single blister or many pus-filled blisters that can be found on the face, arms, legs, and even lips
  • Blisters are soft and easy to pop and when broken leave behind a raw skin and reddish looking base
  • Blisters that are itchy and filled with a yellow or honey-colored liquid
  • Blisters that are oozing liquid and crusting over (with honey colored crusts)
  • Lymph nodes that are swollen
  • Impetigo scars heal over time and rarely leave scars
If not treated in time, impetigo can lead to complications such as:
  • Kidney failure (though this is very rare)
  • Impetigo all over the body
  • Scarring and permanent damage to the skin (again very rare)