Prevention from Impetigo

You can help prevent the spread of impetigo by:

  • Using a clean cloth and towel or preferably a disposable towel each time you wash and wipe the affected areas of the skin
  • Not sharing personal items such as clothes, towels, razors etc, with other members of your family
  • Always washing your hands thoroughly after touching the infected lesions
  • Washing the areas of the skin affected with antibacterial soap several times a day
  • Not picking and scratching the blisters and crusts
  • Keeping your child away from other children until the scabs fall off and he is no longer contagious
  • Cutting nails short so that scratching and further infection is stopped
  • Keeping the area covered with plaster or dressing will help prevent scratching as well
  • If you know someone has impetigo, avoid any close contact with him as long as he is contagious
  • Avoid handling newborn babies if you or your child has impetigo.