Diagnosis of Brain Cancer

Your doctor may recommend certain tests in case a brain tumor is suspected:

  • Neurological Exam: Your doctor may evaluate your vision, balance, hearing, reflexes and coordination. Problems in one or more areas may be indicative about which region of the brain is affected by the tumor.
  • Imaging Tests: Before such a test, a contrast dye is injected into a vein in the arm and then a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan is performed. Other imaging tests include PET and CT scans.
  • Tests to Detect Cancer in other Regions of the Body: In case your doctor suspects that the brain tumor is a result of cancer that has originated in another part of the body, certain procedures may be performed in that particular area.
  • Biopsy: In a biopsy, a sample of the brain tissue is obtained and then analyzed in the laboratory. Your doctor will drill a small hole in the skull and insert a thin needle through it. A sample of the tissue is then removed and examined under a microscope to determine if it is cancerous.