February 25, 2010

All You Need to Know About Acidosis

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Acidosis is a condition in which a person’s bodily fluid, usually the blood, turns acidic in pH. This condition is common amongst diabetics and those who suffer from ailments of the kidneys. The blood’s pH falls very low in this disorder. Citrates that are usually expelled from the body through the kidneys begin to accumulate and cause this condition. This loss of pH balance could also occur due to a substantial loss of the alkaline bicarbonate which is important in maintaining the pH of the body.


Acidosis is mainly of two types – respiratory and metabolic. Respiratory acidosis is also often known as carbon dioxide acidosis. This is caused when there is excess of carbon dioxide in the body due to a decrease in the breathing. Metabolic acidosis on the other hand, is caused when the person experiences diabetes, which is not being controlled. This leads to an accumulation of ketones in the body. There are also other causes like excessive loss of sodium bicarbonate which is termed as hyperchloremic acidosis. This usually occurs after a person has suffered from a severe case of diarrhea. Then there is also lactic acidosis which is cause due to the accumulation of lactic acid. There are many causes for developing this kind of acidosis some of which are extended period of exercising and lack of oxygen for a long period of time.

Signs and Symptoms

Acidosis could cause frequent fainting, acid reflux, heartburn, burning sensations in the mouth and tongue, frequent feeling of nausea, constipation and bloating due to water retention.

Dcidosis diagnosis

Usually a doctor, after listening to the medical history, performs various tests to determine the amount of gas present in the blood. This disorder can be fatal because when the body finds a disruption in its normal pH, it tries to compensate by demineralizing bones and other organs like muscles and the gallbladder. It may also start to affect the muscle of the esophagus. This continued erosion of the body causes acid reflux and other problems.It is best to cure this disease naturally. For this, a regular detoxification of the body is necessary. It is important to maintain the hydration of the body by drinking lots of fluids. The urine should always be light in color. A darker urine is a sign of a larger problem. Water helps to keep the acid of the body diluted. An increase of daily intake of garlic can also help get rid of acidosis.