how can I get rid of the marks of pregnancy?

Cures for stretch marks 

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase of your life and you love the little bundle of joy that you have at the end of the nine months of suffering morning sickness. But the ugly stretch marks that you have on your stomach make you long for the wonderfully smooth, scar less skin that you had before your pregnancy. You can try several easy home remedies to help these scars fade. Cocoa butter is generally considered very beneficial in the removal of the scars. Rub the cocoa butter regularly on the stretch marks and you will soon see them fade. Using exfoliating cream is beneficial.  Rub this over the stretch marks in circular motion and you will find them fading. Do this just before you have your bath. Once you have washed this off you can apply this easy to make cream. Mix half a cup of virgin olive oil with half a cup Aloe Vera. Drain ten vitamin E capsules into this. Now drain five vitamin A capsules in this. Mix well. You can store this for sometime. Only remember to store it in your fridge. Use this right after your exfoliating treatment.  Take some of this mixture on the palm of your hand and rub onto your stretch marks till the liquid is absorbed by the skin.

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