how to get rid of warts fast?

Remedies to remove warts 

Warts can be completely obliterated with homeopathic medication. The medication can also ensure that they will never return. However, the treatment is a long-drawn out one and cannot be completed in less than three months, in the very least, depending upon the size of your wart. For quick fixes, you can employ other ways. But you should know that a quick method does not guarantee that the wart will not return. The first thing is that you must not fidget with a wart. The more you fidget with them, the larger they grow, and the more difficult to get rid of. Some simple home remedies can be followed to get rid of them at home. Apply castor oil to them and cover with a band-aid. This will remove them over a period. Aloe vera gel is also effective in helping to remove warts, but this will take a long time as well. A mixture of chalk powder and rose water is also very effective in peeling the wart off your skin. This remedy is the fastest one available, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks. This method may cause deep burning sensations, as chalk has that property. Rose water is added for the purpose of soothing. You can also add a pinch of sandalwood powder for cooling the area, or apply aloe vera gel for the same purpose

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