Home remedies to get rid of warts on face, eyes and neck

Warts can appear anywhere on your body and are the most common skin condition, affecting people of all ages and sex. Warts can best be described as benign skin tumours. Although the warts that appear in various locations on the body appear different they are basically the same and are all caused by papilloma virus. However, you should first ensure that the tumors that you have noticed on your face and neck are really warts before you begin treating them. Warts have rough surface and are usually skin colored.

One of the easiest remedies is the application of Vitamin A. you can easily get this at any store. Break open a capsule of Vitamin A and apply on your warts. You should do this only once a day. You should maintain a high level of hygiene and wash your hands each time you touch your warts. In fact it would be a good idea to keep your hands off your warts. You should keep the warts completely dry all the time. An application of castor oil is also effective in some cases. Clove oil, milkweed juice and the juice of unripe figs are often useful remedies too. You can chop a few lemons into slices and let them stand in some apple cider for two weeks. Add a tablespoon of salt to this. Remove the slices of lemon and apply on your warts.

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