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The product you ask about seems to be a replacement for comfrey, a herb that has traditionally had a number of medicinal uses. It is supposed to provide some of the compounds and benefits of comfrey without the health risks.

Like many modern herbs that gain popularity every few years as cures for all ills, comfrey was once claimed as a cure for everything from coughs to fractures to indigestion to acne. And again, like most modern cure alls, comfrey was too good to be true, but still had its uses. Apart from the exaggerated claims of its benefits however, comfrey is dangerous because of certain toxic compounds that it contains. In some cases, comfrey has been known to cause liver failure and even death. Due to this, in recent years its use has mostly been discontinued and discouraged, at least in cases where there is no medical supervision.

You have not mentioned what exactly you are looking for and why you ask about this particular medicine. If you are suffering from some ailment, it is best that you visit a doctor to obtain a professional diagnosis and prescription. Self medication might not only allow your illness to worsen, it might lead to complications of its own.

answered by M W

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