How do u get rid of fleas?

Natural cures for fleas

Good care of pets is essential to keep the house free of fleas. Bathing the pets at frequent intervals is important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Soak citrus peel in a cup of boiling water and leave it overnight. Sponge the pet in the morning with the citrus water. It is an effective method of getting rid of fleas. Commercially available flea repellents are recommended, provided, they fail to harm your pet. Finely cut garlic is soaked for a day in mineral oil. Two teaspoons of this oil is added to a pint of water and used as a spray. Diatomaceous earth is also an effective remedy for fleas. It is the fossilized skeletons of ancient and pre-historic microbes. Garlic and brewers yeast are also beneficial. Sprays with pyrethrin, a natural toxin is helpful. Care is essential when applying chemicals or powders, as children with respiratory problems, might react. If no solution is derived from any of the above mentioned techniques, a veterinary physician's guidance is recommended. Visit a previously answered query for more information on getting rid of fleas.

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