How do you get rid of fleas? No dog in house.

Fleas are blood sucking parasites that can jump high. Flea treatment if not done carefully can affect the household. Regular cleaning of the house can avoid the fleas from spreading in the household. Certain remedies that can be useful to get rid of fleas are:

  • Regular vacuuming of carpets and furniture twice a week is essential. To reduce the population of fleas, remove the eggs, larvae or the adult insects.
  • Empty and clean the vacuum bags so that the fleas do not enter again.
  • Sprinkle eucalyptus leaves in the areas where the fleas survive.
  • Mix 3 cups of diatomaceous earth with 1\2 cup of boric acid. Sprinkle the granules on the carpet, bed. Work the granules with broom. Vacuum the floor after few days.
  • As fleas can jump high, place a basin under a lampshade. Make detergent solution in the basin deep enough for the fleas to drown. The fleas get trapped in this solution.
  • Clean rugs and floor mats regularly with warm water to prevent breeding of fleas.

answered by J M

There are number of safe ways to get rid of fleas. One way is to sprinkle borax powder on the various surfaces in the house. After a day or so vacuum all the surfaces. You can spread the powder in areas immediately outside the house as well to make sure that any fleas that reside outside are tackled too.

Citrus peel extract, which can be found in the various health food shops, contains substances that are inimical to fleas. The linalool and d-limonene components in the peel seem to be effective in destroying fleas in all stages of development, including the larval stage. You could try a solution of citrus peel extract and water to rub down various surfaces in your home. You could also keep some of the solution in an atomizer and spray it on windows, inside cupboards, bedding, couches, etc, to get rid of fleas. Bathing in a mild solution of the same will also bring some much-needed relief.

Diatomaceous earth is another non-toxic powder that works wonders. It is a safe alternative to many commercially available flea repellents as it is made of the fossilized remnants of certain algae. This powder can be rubbed into carpets, or dusted onto floors. After letting the powder sit overnight you can vacuum the spaces to get rid of fleas.

answered by G R

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