Natural Treatments for Anal fissure: Could you tell me some home remedies for anal fissure?

For anal fissures, you need to make certain that you are consuming enough fiber in your diet, as you have to avoid hard motions. This is possible only if you are on a high fiber-low carbohydrate diet. For an anal fissure, you need to look for ways of relieving the burning sensation and soothing the fissure. One of the most effective remedies is to apply aloe vera gel directly to the affected area, which will instantly reduce pain. You can also use petroleum jelly, Vaseline or any other such thick cream and apply it all around and slightly inside your anus. This will also facilitate motions.

You can use cold tea bags to provide cooling relief. A thick paste of turmeric powder and clarified butter will arrest infection and also help in curing the fissure. You must remember to apply baby powder after each bath. A long hot bath will also provide relief from the itchiness, a symptom that you have to control at all time. The more you scratch, the worse the problem will get. It is advisable to sit on soft surfaces as a hard surface can aggravate the situation. You might have to buy a special pillow for the purpose. A very good method to not aggravate the situation would be to eliminate the use of toilet paper. Use water and your hands to wash instead.

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