Remedy For White Pimple On Anal Opening

You have not motioned if you have any other problems like constipation or if you have noticed any kind of bleeding while passing stools. I am unable to tell you exactly what the pimple is. I would suggest that you consult the doctor about the pimple since such protrusions can often be symptoms of other, more serious conditions.

Pimples often appear as a result of clogged pores. You can wash the pimple with warm water, or also use a piece of cotton or soft cloth dipped in warm water to swab the pimple. Pat it dry. If you do this for a couple of days, the pimple should reduce in size before gradually disappearing. Pimples or indeed any other kind of infection usually appear in places that are warm, moist and therefore the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Personal hygiene is very important in such cases. Ensure that you wash yourself thoroughly every day. After every visit to the bathroom wash yourself with water. If you can’t do this, then simply use a damp toilet roll to clean your rectum. Pat yourself dry. Ensure that you do not wear very tight underwear. Wear underwear that is made of natural fibers. Synthetic, tight clothing only make your skin sweat and this creates the atmosphere for any kind of infections or growths.

answered by G M

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